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last updated: 6/30/11

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In this section, we're pleased to give you a preview of the cover artwork for upcoming DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases, organized weekly by street date. You can view previous or subsequent weeks' art with the links provided, or you can use the index to select a specific street date. You can also sort the art by 'bestselling' (so all the popular titles appear at the top) or 'alphabetically' (so titles on multiple formats appear together). New artwork will be added as it becomes available (please be aware that cover art below may contain occasional nudity or gruesome/graphic imagery). Don't forget that you can help support our work here at The Digital Bits by purchasing these titles through our Amazon.com links (just click on the cover art). Enjoy!

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Street Date: 9/21/10
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Robin Hood: Unrated Director's Cut (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)
Community: The Complete First Season
Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
Modern Family: The Complete First Season
Spartacus: Blood and Sand - The Complete First Season [Blu-ray]
Spartacus: Blood and Sand - The Complete First Season
How I Met Your Mother: Season Five
Robin Hood (Single-Disc Unrated Director's Cut)
Castle: The Complete Second Season
Desperate Housewives: The Complete Sixth Season
Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (Two-Disc Blu-ray/ DVD Combo)
Robin Hood (Two-Disc Unrated Director's Cut)
30 Rock: Season Four
Two and a Half Men: The Complete Seventh Season
The Mentalist: The Complete Second Season
Modern Family: The Complete First Season [Blu-ray]
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - Year 11 (2009-2010 Season)
The Secret in Their Eyes (El Secreto de Sus Ojos)
American Beauty (Sapphire Series) [Blu-ray]
The Hills: Season 6
Bored to Death: The Complete First Season
Human Target: The Complete First Season
The Secret of Moonacre
Bizet: Carmen
Charade (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]
Opeth - In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (2DVD/3CD)
Being Human: Season Two
Stomp the Yard: Homecoming
Fantomas: Five Film Collection
The Secret in Their Eyes [Blu-ray]
The Peacemaker [Blu-ray]
Joseph Campbell on Power of Myth With Bill Moyers
The Experiment
Tinker Bell Three Pack
Petty Blue
Hell's Kitchen: Season 3 Raw & Uncensored (3pc)
Ondine [Blu-ray]
Yellowstone Kelly [Remaster]
The Experiment [Blu-ray]
Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Four
Gamera Vs. Gyaos / Gamera Vs. Viras [Double Feature]
Opeth - In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (2DVD)
Bored to Death: The Complete First Season [Blu-ray]
Gamera Vs. Guiron / Gamera Vs. Jiger [Double Feature]
Clapton, Eric - The 1960s Review
Human Target: The Complete First Season [Blu-ray]
Thomas & Friends: Thomas' Halloween Adventures / Percy's Ghostly Trick (Double Feature)
The Secret of Moonacre [Blu-ray]
Vigilante [Blu-ray]
Dragon Ball GT: The Complete Series
Mr Palfrey of Westminster
Glamourpuss: The Lady Gaga Story
Mythbusters: Collection 6
Winter, Johnny - Live Through The 80's
Ice Age 3 3D
Tna Wrestling: Best of Asylum Years 1
He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown (Deluxe Edition)
Being Human: Season Two [Blu-ray]
Stomp the Yard: Homecoming [Blu-ray]
Max & Ruby: Everybunny Loves Winter
Xam'd: Collection 1 [Blu-ray]
Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure
Bleach, Vol. 32
Trash Humpers
The Actuality Dramas of Allan King (Warrendale / A Married Couple / Come on Children / Dying at Grace / Memory for Max, Claire, Ida and Company) (Eclipse Series 24)
Jordan Rides the Bus
Directors: Life Behind the Camera
Legend of Bruce Lee (2008)
Ghost Hunt: The Complete Series S.A.V.E.
4TROOPS: Live From The Intrepid
Battlefield Russia: The Eastern Front! 3 DVD Set!
Taggart Set 3
Delerium - Epiphany
Tom & Jerry's Greatest Chases, Vol. 5
Saturday Night Live: The Best of 09/10
Best of Travel: Japan [Blu-ray]
Ride the Divide
Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral On a Moving Train -- Special Commemorative Edition
Michael McDonald- This Christmas Live In Chicago [Blu-ray]
Eccentricities of a Blonde-Haired Girl
Xam'd: Collection 1
BATTLEFIELD - Great Sea Battles of WWII - 3 DVD SET!
Slayers Evolution-R: Season 5 [Blu-ray]
Weeds: Seasons 1-5
Slayers Revolution: The Complete Fourth Season [Blu-ray]
Exterminator of the Year 3000
Triple Dog
Best of Travel: Beautiful Mexico (2pc) (W/Dvd) [Blu-ray]
Best of Travel: China [Blu-ray]
Eric Sardinas and Big Motor - Live
Algebra and Graphing: TI-89 Calculator Tutor: Vol 1
The Locksmith
Hell's Kitchen: Season 1 Raw & Uncensored (3pc)
BATTLEFIELD - Vietnam: from Dien Bien Phu to Peace with Honor! 3 DVD Set!
Calvin Marshall
Hit Favorites: Halloween Spooktacular/Trick or Treat Tales (Double Feature)
(Untitled) [Blu-ray]
Collapse [Blu-ray]
Pearl Jam - Under Review
Alien Autopsy
Tinker Bell Three Pack Blu-ray Bundle
Michael McDonald- This Christmas Live In Chicago
Bruce, Jack - Rope Ladder To The Moon
Chasin Gus Ghost
Stripped Naked
Initial D: First Stage, Part One
Triple Dog [Blu-ray]
Ride the Divide [Blu-ray]
Cinderella Story & Another Cinderella Story
Films of Nikita Mikhalkov: Volume 1
Live at Montreux 1987/1988
Faces Of Schlock
Date For Hire
Live at Ground Zero Blues Club
Hunger: Taste of Terror
The Mississippi Sheiks Tribute Concert - Live in Vancouver
Mental Math Secrets - Volume 1
Hammer Dulcimer Tunes and Techniques
Calvin Marshall [Blu-ray]
City Hall
PARANORMAL EFFECT (Japanese Curse : Ju-So) - Uncut Collector Edition
Leon Blum: For All Mankind
Festival of Fright
Strike Dice! Betting on my Father
All Hell Broke Loose
The Rolling Stones: Born Under A Bad Sign
Dale Earnhardt Jr.:2010 Jalapeno 250 Wrangler Win
Kandahar Break
100 Questions Complete Series
Daniel & The Lions
Samurai 7: The Complete Box Set (Viridian Collection)
Wallander: Episodes 4-6
Christina Aguilera: The Girl Next Door
Excuse My Dust
Make Me Young: Youth Knows No Pain
Kings & Queens
All Hell Broke Loose [Blu-ray]
Sherlock Holmes 2011 Wall Calendar
Eebee's Adventures: All in A Day's Play
121 Killer Appz! Fighting Applications From Goju-Ryu Karate with Kris Wilder
20/20: Exclusive - Rihanna Speaks Out: 11/6/09
The Black Sheep Bistro's Video Cookbook Vol 1
Bernadette Giorgi: Attitude Ballet Pilates Fusion
Indestructible Man DVDTee (XL)
The Eventful Life of Al Hawkes
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1&2
Out On The Floor- Story Of A Dancer
Schooled Again
Indestructible Man DVDTee (Large)
Meditation with Nature: Maya Riviera, Mexico  Movie#2
ETF Paycheck: Juice Your Profits Using Leveraged Exchange Traded Funds
The Octopus: Series 3
The Octopus: Series 4
Choreography Basics 1 & 2: Become Your Own Choreographer
The Christmas Dinosaur
Harold & Kumar Go White Castle & Escape Guantanamo
Alpha Incident DVDTee (Large)
NIGHTLINE: The Man in the Red Suit: 12/23/94
Thunderstruck 9 & 5 Years of Sled Heads BLU-RAY
Play Ukulele Today
Remembering Phil
PRIMETIME: Polygamy - Return to Arizona: 7/28/05
En Route, parkour films by Julie Angel
Scenic National Parks: Zion & Bryce (2pc) [Blu-ray plus DVD and Digital Copy]
NIGHTLINE: The Business of Toys - At Christmas Time: 12/22/94
NIGHTLINE: The Nightline Face-Off - Why Can't a Successful Black Woman Find a Man?: 4/21/10
Scenic National Parks: Glacier Banff & Jasper [Blu-ray plus DVD and Digital Copy]
Dance Star
The Minnesota Rollers, Rain or Shine! Anaerobic 3.5 Virtual Indoor Cycling Training / Spinning Fitness and Weight Loss Videos
Chomsky, Noam - Mafia Principle Of Global Hegemony: Middle East, Empire, & Activism
Katina Hunter: Vertical Step Party 2 Fitness
The Beatle Fan
Bernadette Giorgi: Attitude Tu Ballet Pilates Fusion
NIGHTLINE: That's How a Bill Becomes a Law: 3/25/04
Xtreme Calorie Burner! Indian to Girdwood. Virtual Indoor Cycling Training / Spinning Fitness and Weight Loss Videos
Alpha Incident DVDTee (XL)
Pop Pack
K, Kevin - The Successful Loser
kaBOOM! - Let's Party!
Classic Horror Bundle (Children of the Corn / Hellraiser / Halloween) [Blu-ray] (Amazon.com Exclusive)
kaBOOM! - Let's Play!
Extremebooty.Com: Donk Patrol
Mercenary Entertainment Presents - Fast Lanes
NIGHTLINE: An Immigrant's Tale - Ibrahim Parlak: : 6/8/05
NIGHTLINE: John Edwards Admits Sexual Affair - Lied as Presidential Candidate: 8/8/08
20/20: Sabrina Harman: 1/21/05
20/20: The Blind Side - The True Story Behind the Movie: 12/29/09
Imaginary Summer
All My BJ season one
NASA: A Retrospective
John Wayne
Phasefirefilms C-Roll July 2010
NIGHTLINE: Behind the Scenes at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute: 3/13/09
PRIMETIME: Crime - Series Two, Part 4 - Kidnapped Cousins: 7/16/08
20/20: The Extreme Treatment of People Living with Albinism: 10/2/09
Katina Hunter: Step Party Fitness
NIGHTLINE: Fruit-Picking Children: 10/30/09
Rock Pack
NIGHTLINE: The McCain Women Speak Out: 10/30/07
Remote Control
Mac Computer Basics - 2nd Edition
St. Cloud, A look at homelessness.
NIGHTLINE: Why Kids Lie: 4/1/08
The Exodus Mystery - Israel in Egypt. A Four Year Quest Searching for Joseph, Moses and the Hebrew Slaves in Egypt.
PRIMETIME: Crime - Series Two, Part 1 - Janie Ward: 6/25/08
Electrical Schematics Simplified Tutorial
20/20: Troubled Marriages - Marital Fix: 4/16/04
Thrills and Chills Horror Blu-ray Bundle (The Crazies / Pandorum / New Daughter) (Amazon.com Exclusive)
PRIMETIME: Crime - Series Two, Part 5 - Botched 911 Calls Blamed in  a Woman's Death: 7/23/08
20/20: Women, Sex & Satisfaction: 2/20/04
20/20: Give Me a Break - SPCA - 6/3/05
20/20: Inside Saudi Arabia: 3/29/02
20/20: Marrying Prisoners: 8/19/05
Cooking With Vic One Technique At A Time - Volume 4: Construction Projects
NIGHTLINE: A Tale of Two Cities - The Fattest and The Fittest: 2/19/09
20/20: AIDS Disbeliever - Christine Maggiore: 8/24/01
Slasher Horror Bundle (Red Mist / Hatchet / Behind the Mask / Jack Brooks Monster Slayer) [Blu-ray] (Amazon.com Exclusive) [Blu-ray]
20/20: A Florida Foster Care Horror Story: 5/24/02
20/20: Vanished...Ghosts of Autumn: 10/30/09
PRIMETIME: Crime - Series Two, Part 3 - Nina Reiser: 7/9/08
NIGHTLINE: A Town Drowning in Foreclosures: 11/11/08
PRIMETIME: Crime - Series Two, Part 2 - Death Foretold: 7/2/08
BATTLEFIELD - Great European Battles of WWII - 3 DVD Set!
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead
Dong Yi 1
Stallion Collection
Life After Abortion
Racing Dreams
Soul Walker
Wallander: Episodes 4-6
Love, Sex Aur Dhoka (LSD) (New Hindi Film / Bollywood Movie / Indian Cinema DVD)
Lift Kara De (Television show hosted by Karan Johar, Guests- Shahrukh Khan / Kajol)
Sibelius: Symphonies No.5&7 - The New Dimension of Sound Symphonic Series [7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio Disc] [Blu-ray]
The Black American Experience: Famous Public Figures: Mary McLeod Bethune & Shirley Chisholm
Active Doctors Equals Active Patients: An Interactive Workshop
Practical Rx Options for Difficult Muscular and Tendon Injuries: Stretching to Surgery
New Models to Study Gene Plasticity in Skeletal Muscle
Drills and Techniques for Stopping the Pass in the Pattern Read 4-3 Defense
Exercise Is Medicineā„¢: From Principles to Practice
Option Series From the Spread Gun: Triple, Midline, and Zone
Baseball's Diamond Challenge
Live at the Paradiso April 2007
The MET: Brief History, Current Uses and Concerns
Texas Terror/Trail Beyond
Outside Zone Series From the Spread Gun
The Black American Experience: Famous Human Rights Crusaders: Ida B. Wells & Fannie Lou Hamer
Blue Steel/Hell Town
The Final Journey
Man from Utah/Randy Rides Alone
Public Defender V05
Lift Kara De (Television show hosted by Karan Johar, Guests Salman Khan / Katrina Kaif)
Uncommon Vision: The Life and Times of John Howard Griffin
Drills and Techniques for Stopping the Run in the Pattern Read 4-3 Defense
Voodooville: A Celebration of New Orleans
Inside Zone Series From the Spread Gun
Beyond the Headlines: Delving Deeper Into Hot Nutrition Topics
Famous Men of Medical Science: Dr. Daniel Hale Williams & Charles Drew
Stopping the Run With the Pattern Read 4-3
Sports Injury: Prevalence, Prevention, and Practice
Power Run and Play-Action Pass From the Spread Gun
Quarterback Fundamentals: From Snap to Finish
Drills for the Structured Open-Post Motion Offense
Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome Approaches for Prevention
Physical Activity and Mental Health
Examination of the Foot and Ankle
Pattern Read 4-3 Pass Coverage
Lift Kara De (Hindi Television Serial hosted by Karan Johar, Guests- Shahid Kapur / Priyanka Chopra)
The Black American Experience / Famous Writers: Chester Himes & Ralph Ellison
The Self-Correcting Nature of Science
National Physical Activity Plan
If Exercise Has Medicinal Properties, Is Overdosing Possible?
Charlie Rose (September 20, 2010)
Charlie Rose (September 22, 2010)
Charlie Rose (September 21, 2010)
Charlie Rose (September 24, 2010)
Charlie Rose (September 23, 2010)
Street Date: 9/21/10

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