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last updated: 6/30/11

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In this section, we're pleased to give you a preview of the cover artwork for upcoming DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases, organized weekly by street date. You can view previous or subsequent weeks' art with the links provided, or you can use the index to select a specific street date. You can also sort the art by 'bestselling' (so all the popular titles appear at the top) or 'alphabetically' (so titles on multiple formats appear together). New artwork will be added as it becomes available (please be aware that cover art below may contain occasional nudity or gruesome/graphic imagery). Don't forget that you can help support our work here at The Digital Bits by purchasing these titles through our Amazon.com links (just click on the cover art). Enjoy!

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Street Date: 5/11/10
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Daria: The Complete Animated Series
Edge of Darkness
Edge of Darkness [Blu-ray]
Toy Story (Special Edition)
Toy Story 2: Special Edition - DVD
Legion [Blu-ray]
Daybreakers [Blu-ray]
Taking Chances World Tour: The Concert (DVD/CD)
Celine: Through the Eyes of the World
Hang Em High (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) [Blu-ray]
The Edge [Blu-ray]
The Karate Kid I & II (Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray]
Celine: Through the Eyes of the World [Blu-ray]
Magnificent Seven Collection (4pc) (P&S Ws) [Blu-ray]
thirtysomething: The Complete Third Season
Bon Jovi: Live at Madison Square Garden [Blu-ray]
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: The Complete Fifth Season
The Man In The Iron Mask (w/DVD) [Blu-ray]
M (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]
Deadliest Warrior: Season One
Sword of Sherwood Forest
Father of the Bride 1 & 2 (2pc)
North Face
Rogues of Sherwood Forest
Bandit of Sherwood Forest
Raising the Bar: The Complete Second Season
Larry McMurtry's Streets Of Laredo
Larry McMurtry's Dead Man's Walk
Prince of Thieves
The Karate Kid [Blu-ray]
Marked for Death [Blu-ray]
My Wife & Kids: Season Two
Rock 'N' Roll High School (Roger Corman's Cult Classics) [Blu-ray]
One Piece: Season Two, Seventh Voyage
The Beatles: Behind the Curtain: A Documentary
Robin Hood: Men in Tights [Blu-ray]
Live From Martha's Vineyard- The Classic Concert
Clutch - Live at the 9:30
High Anxiety [Blu-ray]
Legend of the Tsunami Warrior [Blu-ray]
Samurai Harem: Complete Collection (2pc) (Ws)
Rossini: Il Barbiere di Siviglia
History of the World Part 1 [Blu-ray]
Hell's Kitchen: Season 2
Malice in Wonderland
Initial D: Third Stage Movie
Hansel & Gretel
One Deadly Summer (L'ete Meurtrier)
Spy Kids 3-Movie Collection (3pc)
Tidal Wave [Blu-ray]
Initial D: Fourth Stage, Part 1
Legend of the Tsunami Warrior
The Karate Kid, Part II [Blu-ray]
WWII: The War in the Pacific (2pc)
Celtic Thunder: Its Entertainment [Blu-ray]
Tornado Valley
Xenosaga: The Complete Series
Tidal Wave
George of the Jungle 1 & 2 (2pc)
Camp Leatherneck
El Gendarme Desconocido
El Circo
The Mini
El Senor Fotografo
Shin Chan: The Complete First Season
Gorky Park & Eye of the Needle
5 Day Fit Chi
Billy Owens and the Secret of the Runes
Mr. Magoo In Sherwood Forest
Sacred Music: An Easter Celebration
D-Days in the Pacific
Swords Life on the Line: The Complete First Season
Hiromi In Love (Blu-ray Disc)
Shin Chan: The Complete Second Season
El Mago
A Volar Joven
Fire From Below (Ws Sub Ac3 Dol)
Los Tres Mosqueteros
Ruthless People & Down Out Beverly & Outrageous
Computer Wore Tennis Shoes & Strongest Man World
La Familia P. Luche Vol. 2
Megafault [Blu-ray]
Si Yo Fuera Diputado
Ventilador (6pc) (Spanish)
Inside Man & Children of Men (2pc) (Ws Btb) [Blu-ray]
Living Landscapes: Nature's Majesty (4pc) [Blu-ray]
How I Got Lost
Kung Fu Magoo
Wild Asia: Monsoon India God of Life [Blu-ray]
After Autumn
In the Wild with Harry Butler
Live at Cosmopolite
Ozzy Osbourne: Crazy World
Kate & Leopold / Serendipity / Raising Helen
Signs & Village & Sixth Sense (3pc)
Desde La Cantina 1
Faith Hill: Faithfull Yours
U-571 & Waterworld (2pc) (Ws Btb) [Blu-ray]
Megafault with Bonus Digital Copy Included
Better the Devil You Know [Blu-ray]
Legends of Air Combat: B-29 Superfortress
Rounding First (DVD)
Huntik: The Complete Season (8pc) (Full Dub)
Call Me Malcolm
Tsunami Beach Club (Ws Ac3 Dol)
B-17 Flying Fortress
Jarhead & Friday Night Lights (2pc) (Ws Btb) [Blu-ray]
Deadly Duo Blu-Ray [Blu-ray]
60 Minutes - Boosting Brain Power (April 25, 2010)
Croaked: Frog Monster from Hell
Living Landscapes: American Landscapes (4pc) [Blu-ray]
Shape Up with Caroline Sandry
Red Skelton - Live & Unedited from the Nugget Hotel!
Latest Buzz
Frontlines: Men & The Battles - Rise & Fall Nazi
Toy Story 2 (Spanish)
Maneater Triple Feature Three (Croc/Sea Beast/Swarm)
Symphony No 9
Trilogy of Blood
Frontlines: Men & The Battles - Rise & Fall Japan
Hidden World: Tibetan Sand Mandala
Hulk & Doom (2pc) (Ws Btb) [Blu-ray]
Red Skelton - Classic Commercials!
Fletch & Bruce Almighty (2pc) (Ws Btb) [Blu-ray]
SciQ: Complete Box Set (Coll)
Flesh for the Beast Media Mix (4pc)
Dawn of the Dead (2004) & Land of the Dead (2pc) [Blu-ray]
Terror Overload
Leviathan & Burnt Offering & Lifeforce
Emma (1996) & Shakespeare in Love & Proof (2005)
Red Skelton - Good Night & God Bless!
Supermen of Malegaon
Wild Asia: Monsoon India God of Life
Kung Fu Magoo & Mr Magoo in Sherwood Forest (2pc)
Water Tai Chi Instructional DVD
Soccer Drills
The Sounds of Mariachi: Lessons in Mariachi Performance
Edge - Perspectives On Drug Free Culture
Westbrick Murders
The Guitar of Larry Campbell
Beyond Evil
Virgingate / Morenita
Naturally, Sadie
Fly Fishing Adventure Washington's Klickitat
Autour Du Monde
Frozen Stupid
Curing Depression: Anxiety & Panic Disorder
Bad Batch
Superstarlet Ad
Knock Out Comedy Stop: Comedy That's Gotta Hurt
Cooking Italian 1 & 2 (2pc)
Code of Silence & Hero & The Terror
Living Landscapes: World's Most Beautiful Waterfal
Breakheart Pass & Valdez Is Coming
Nature's Tapestry (3pc)
Cancer Conquest
Blood Sisters of Lesbian Sin
Dead Dudes in the House
Red Skelton - Pantomime Skits!
The Great War In The Air: Aces Of The Western Front
Evil Clutch
Farzzle's World: Breakfast at Farzzle's
Extremebooty.com: Big Donks Gone Wild
Bounty & King of the Sun
Morristown: A Ballerina Love Story
Rundown & Spy Game (2001) (2pc) (Ws Btb) [Blu-ray]
Monet Landscapes
Strangers (2008) & Thing (2pc) (Ws Btb) [Blu-ray]
60 Minutes - The Narrative (April 25, 2010)
Giorgi Latsabidze Plays Debussy Preludes Book 2
Stem Cells
60 Minutes - Competing Against Time (April 25, 2010)
Learning Martial Arts Basics from The Wheelchair
Doomsday (2008) & End of Days (2pc) (Ws Btb) [Blu-ray]
Bigamist, The - 1953 (Digitally Remastered Version)
Civil War in Hampton Roads: Episode 2 - Battle of the Ironclads
Manic Nurses Find Ecstacy
Jekyll and Hyde Reborn
Herencia Asesina
Play Dead
Evelyn & Betrayed
Becoming Jesse Tate
Nightmare Weekend
Death by Dialogue
Mommy's Epitaph
Demented Death Farm Massacre
Curse of the Cannibal Confederates
The Newlydeads
Scream Baby Scream
Tour De Force
Project 798 - New Art In New China (NTSC Edition)
Peninsula Music Festival 2010 Preview
Shipwrecks Of The Pacific And Tasman Sea
"Back from the Edge"
Sandal Submission (Full)
Dead of Winter & Audrey Rose
Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (Spec) [Blu-ray]
Believers Among Us
Drawing Basics
Nature's Splendor (3pc)
Billy Owens & The Secret of the Runes (Ws Sub)
Missing in Action & Delta Force 2
Pieces of April & Saved
If You Have: Hip Surgery For Pain
If You Have: Knee Surgery For Pain
Fly Crafter Patterns & Techniques III With
Kiss the Bride & Just the Ticket
Shot Placement 101 Volume 1: Posted Bowhunting Only
Fly Crafter Patterns & Techniques IV With Dennis
The Home Front - Episodes 1-3
Davie & Golimyr
( Relaxation The new DVD & CD BOX SET )  It has an EXTRA copy of the Relaxation DVD, Our way of saying thank you for making this DVD/CD set #1 on the market.
Living Better with Arthritis
Smash Up, The Story of A Woman - 1947
Outside My Window Documentary
The Winners / Presenting the Best Speeches and Interviews of Dorothy Height and Percy Sutton
Fem Slave 03
Flower Under Water
A Christmas Carol
What Love Does
Unified Team Diving Scooter DVD
iWorship Flexx 10: Glorious [Interactive DVD]
Astrological Tai Chi - A Companion Video for The Priestess of the Zodiac
Unified Team Diving Essentials of Overhead Diving DVD
Fallen Tree
04-18-2010 Pekin, Illinois
Aardvark'd: 12 Weeks with Geeks
Cinemagraphics No.3
KNOW THE FACTS Controversies in Screening for Women's Cancer
HoopDogz: God Good, Idols Bad Episode 1
Super Mario Bros: King Koopa Katastrophe (Spanish)
Urban Drive: For The Record
Abyss-Special Edition
Dressed To Kill 16x9 Widescreen T.V.
USA Football presents Spread Formation - The Running Game
1982 UCLA vs Notre Dame - Classic College Clashes
Sight Unseen
Archive Movie Double Feature - Jack And The Beanstalk & The Pied Piper Of Hamelin
A Force Called Favor
USA Football presents Special Teams Play for Youth Football
USA Football presents Double Wing Series - The Passing Game
USA Football presents Double Wing Series - Traps, Wedges, and Assigning Players
Lena Horne / Breaking Barriers
Joey Rostein and the Commission
Paid in Full
USA Football presents Developing a Passing Attack
Dead Deer Walkin' Volume 5: Posted Bowhunting Only
The Slug And Ant Show: Best Friends Sharing God's Love Vol 1
KROK- I Drink!
Kali Sumbrada volume 1 & 2
Fantastic Movie Trailers 4 - Encore
Souvenirs - The many worlds of Micky Wolfson
Fantastic Movie Trailers 5 - Midnight Madness 2
Charlie Rose - Discussion about the Oil Spill / Carol Burnett (May 14, 2010)
Foxes & Dream Lover
Delightfully Darla (Full Coll)
Big Fish
Robot Adventures With Robosapien & Friends
Disposal Of A Corpse
Dead Deer Walkin' Volume 6: Posted Bowhunting Only
Diving Adventures
Abs Buns & Legs (2pc)
Lose Weight Fast (2pc)
That Uncertain Feeling
Charlie Rose - Thomas L. Friedman / Nnenna Freelon (May 13, 2010)
Dolphins In The Wild
Fisherman's Paradise
The Grail
Dead Deer Walkin' Volume 7: Posted Bowhunting Only
Sub Tropic Tour
Charlie Rose - A look at Afghanistan / Willie Nelson (May 12, 2010)
Pacific Dreams
Dead Deer Walkin' Volume 4: Posted Bowhunting Only
Everyday Joe
Flockhearts: Blessings In Disguise Vol 2
Underwater Hotel: Life On Artifical Reefs
A Dangerous Summer
Flockhearts: Farm Full Of Faith Vol 1
Total Body Workout (2pc)
Father's Day 5 DVD Gift Set on Diabetes - Give it and keep him healthy - Language English
Master Defender (Pilot)
Father's Day 5 DVD Gift Set on Diabetes - Give it and keep him healthy - Language Hindi
Joyland (2pc) (W/CD)
Project 798 - New Art In New China
Extremebooty.com: Buttastic
Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (Full Dub Sub Dol)
Charlie Rose - British elections / Nouriel Roubini / Norris Church Mailer (May 11, 2010)
Boomers! The Epic Story Of A Generation
Kid With the Golden Arm (Dub Sub)
Essential Art House: Kurosawa Collection (Hidden Fortress/Ikiru/Throne of Blood)
Vaccine Developers: Heroes or Villains
Snatched! Curse of the Pink Panties 2
Matador [Blu-ray]
Alfred Hitchcock's Downhill (aka.- When Boys Leave Home / The Farmer's Wife -A Classic Silent Double Feature
Nudes in the News for Nudists Volume 12
The Mothman Returns
Nowhere Boy [Blu-ray]
Vaccine Basics: What You Need to Know
Billies Blues: Her Best Performances on Film
Life in the Graveyards of the Pacific
Divine Souls
Spitting Game: The College Hook Up Culture (Educational)
Babe, I Love You
Faithfully Yours
The Little Travelers Germany
Crazy World
Building Return on Investment (ROI) and Business Case Analysis Seminar on DVD
Sensuous Busty Beauties (Full)
How to get a Sports Scholarship
Vizslas a go-go: Rosco, Daisy, and Lulu in motion vol. 1
Whales Dolphins & Seals
Buffalo Girls
True Women
Charlie Rose -Nomination of Elena Kagan for Supreme Court justice / Edward O. Wilson /Maria Bartiromo, CNBC (May 10, 2010)
Lady B. - Queen Of Desire
My Name Is Khan (New Shahrukh - Kajol Hindi Film / Bollywood Movie / Indian Cinema DVD)
Follow the Prophet
True Treasures/World Natural Heritage 5: Asia [Blu-ray]
True Treasures/World Natural Heritage 2: North America/Central America [Blu-ray]
True Treasures/World Natural Heritage 1: Europe [Blu-ray]
True Treasures/World Natural Heritage 4: Africa [Blu-ray]
True Treasures/World Natural Heritage 3: South America/Oceania [Blu-ray]
The Brain Fitness Program
True Treasures/World Natural Heritage [Blu-ray]
True Treasures/World Natural Heritage [Blu-ray]
Crisis of Faith: The Series
True Treasures/World Natural Heritage [Blu-ray]
Art Of Fingerstyle Guitar
True Treasures/World Natural Heritage [Blu-ray]
True Treasures/World Natural Heritage [Blu-ray]
Street Date: 5/11/10

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