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In this section, we're pleased to give you a preview of the cover artwork for upcoming DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases, organized weekly by street date. You can view previous or subsequent weeks' art with the links provided, or you can use the index to select a specific street date. You can also sort the art by 'bestselling' (so all the popular titles appear at the top) or 'alphabetically' (so titles on multiple formats appear together). New artwork will be added as it becomes available (please be aware that cover art below may contain occasional nudity or gruesome/graphic imagery). Don't forget that you can help support our work here at The Digital Bits by purchasing these titles through our Amazon.com links (just click on the cover art). Enjoy!

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Street Date: 8/19/08
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Dexter - The Complete Second Season
House, M.D. - Season Four
Gossip Girl -  The Complete First Season
Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles  - The Complete First Season
Camp Rock (Extended Rock Star Edition)
Best of Both Worlds Concert: The 3-D Movie: Extended Edition
Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles - The Complete First Season [Blu-ray]
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (Widescreen & Full Screen Edition)
The Proposition [Blu-ray]
Street Kings
Perry Mason - Season 3, Vol. 1
Bleach Uncut Season 2 Box Set
Married... with Children: The Complete Ninth Season
Street Kings [Blu-ray]
The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior (Widescreen)
Wimbledon - The 2008 Finals: Nadal vs. Federer / Widescreen
Prom Night (Unrated)
Best of Both Worlds Concert: The 3-D Movie [Blu-ray] Extended Edition
House: Seasons 1 - 4 Collection
The Life Before Her Eyes
Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage, Vol. 1 - Limited Edition (Steelbook)
Transformers Animated: Season One
An American Crime
A Four Letter Word
The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior [Blu-ray]
The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior (Full Screen)
Nixon [Blu-ray]
Camp Rock: Extended Rock Star Edition [Blu-ray]
WordWorld: Sheep's A Star
The Wizard of Gore
The Fletch Collection
Prom Night (Unrated) [Blu-ray]
Street Kings
Dana Carvey: Squatting Monkeys Tell No Lies
Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage, Vol. 1
Twenty-Four Eyes - Criterion Collection
The Small Back Room
Justice League: Season One [Blu-ray]
Armin Only: Imagine
The Life Before Her Eyes [Blu-ray]
The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd
Hey Arnold- Season 1 (4 Disc Set)
Her Best Move
Country Bluegrass Homecoming, Vol. 1
Country Bluegrass Homecoming, Vol. 2
Nixon - The Election Year Edition
6 Films to Keep You Awake
The Unseen
WWE: The Great American Bash 2008
Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers Collection Vol. 2
Quid Pro Quo
John Oliver: Terrifying Times
Prom Night (Rated)
A Dragon's Tale
En Vivo
Puppy Plays the Classics
Jodhaa Akbar (3 Disc Collector's Edition)
Black Lagoon: Season 1, Vol. 2
Don Quixote
Disney / Pixar Ultimate 8-Movie Collection
Chasing Churchill
The Best of Drake & Josh- Seasons 1 & 2  (3 Disc Set)
Black Lagoon: Season 1, Vol. 3
Television Under the Swastika (Sub)
The Adventures of Sir Lancelot
Legendary Performances
William Tell
Veggie Tales: Where's God When I'm S-Scared? - A Lesson in Handling Fear
Legendary Performances
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Vol. 7 - The Dangerous Pursuit
Thank You Mr. President: Helen Thomas at the White House
The Riddle
Chronicle of an Escape
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Vol. 7 (Starter Set)
Vivaldi: The Four Seasons, Concertos for Double Orchestra - Acoustic Reality Experience [7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio Disc] [Blu-Ray] [Blu-ray]
Please Vote for Me (Sub)
Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County (3 Disc Set)
Primo Levi's Journey
Rachmaninov: Piano Concertos Nos. 2&3 - Acoustic Reality Experience [7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio Disc] [Blu-ray]
Otoboku Maidens Are Falling for Me Vol 2: Drag Dilemmas
TNA: Slammiversary 2008
Catacomb of Creepshows 50 Movie Pack
Family of Strangers
Lost Stallions: The Journey Home
GaoGaiGar King of Braves Premium Box 2
Love and Mary
Marco Ferreri: The Collection (contains La Grande Bouffe, El Cochecito, The Seed of Man, Don't Touch the White Woman, Bye Bye Monkey, Seeking Asylum, Tales of Ordinary Madness, The House of Smiles)
Orangutan Island - Season 1
Wayside School: Season One
Love and a . 45
Freshman Orientation
Lost Concert Series: Presley Cash Road Show
The Proposition
My Faraway Bride
Black Uhuru: Live in London - 25th Anniversary
The Pacific and Eddy
Mortuary of Madness 50 Movie Pack
Black Lagoon: Season 1, Vol. 1 - Limited Edition (Steelbook)
The Sacred Family (La Sagrada Familia)
Fighting With Anger
Galaxy Angel Aa: Anime Legends Complete Collection
Never Love a Stranger
Girls Behaving Badly: Chelsea Handler Exposed!
George of the Jungle: Swinging 1st Season
Black Lagoon: Season 1, Vol. 1
Overman King Gainer: Anime Legends Complete (6pc)
Bleach Uncut Box Set 2 w/Limited Collector's Figurine
Reverend I'm Available
Summer Slaughter Tour
The Buccaneers
A Family Cops 2-DVD Pack
Rumbling Hearts: Box Set: (Viridian Collection)
Rune Soldier, Vol. 2: Complete Collection
Maneater Series Collection - Vol. 2
Evil Awakening
Bloodrayne/Bloodrayne 2
Art of Exotic Dancing: Ultimate Striptease 3 DVD Set (lapdancing, pole dancing, dance moves)
Country Bluegrass Homecoming, Vol. 1
Enough! (Barakat!)
I'll Say Yes (Live Concert DVD)
Honoring Your Belly
Boris Karloff Collection 20 MoviePack
The Adventures of Robin Hood
Ghetto Brawls: Queen of the Hood 2 (Platinum Edition)
Promise of Music
Inventing Cuisine: Pierre Gagnaire
Hakugei: Legend of the Moby Dick
Black Lagoon: Season 1, Vol. 2 - Limited Edition
Pokemon All Stars 11 - Meowth
Nature: The Gorilla King
Team Baby: Boston Celtics Baby
Instant Immersion Japanese
Ringo the Lone Rider & Cobra
Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (4 Disc Set)
Erotic College Co-Eds: Wet & Wild (Platinum Edition)
Nature: Crash - A Tale of Two Species
Mystic Iran: The Unseen World
Pretear, Vol. 2: Complete Collection
1-Introduction to Cinematography-Film school on DVD(PAL)
9 to 5 No Longer
Jet Boy
Legends of Horror 50 MoviePack
Pitbull's La Esquina
Country Bluegrass Homecoming, Vol. 2
Black Lagoon: Season 1, Vol. 3 - Limited Edition
Things You Don't Tell
Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave
Twisted Blues
In a Dark Time - Theodore Roethke, 1964
Pokemon All Stars 12 - TREECKO
Series 1
'Round About Midnight
40 Anos en Mexico
The Scorpion King Warrior Pack
But Beautiful
Hoodz DVD Magazine: Jeezy and Their D-Boy Connection
Nature: The Beauty of Ugly
Russian Sexy Fitness Models: Breathtaking Erotic Series Vol. 1
Prom Night (Unrated) [UMD for PSP]
Resort Tales
Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County  (Disc 1)
Behind the Barricades
Somebody Help Me/April Fools
Gun Crazy Double Feature (Requiem for a Bodyguard/Traitor's Rhapsody)
Nature: Voyage of the Lonely Turtle
Bolshoi Soloists Classique
Live in San Remo 1963
Tide-Line Blue: Anime Legends Complete Collection
Live in San Francisco
So Long, Eric
Oscar Peterson & Count Basie: Together in Concert 1974 [Region 2]
Russian Sexy Fitness Models: Breathtaking Erotic Series Vol. 2
Quintet/Big Band in Concert
Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County (Disc 3)
Team Baby: Baby Mountaineer - Raising Tomorrow's West Virginial Fan Today
Incredible Turk, 1958
Family of Cops
Tales of Horror 100 Movie Pack
Team Baby: Trojans Baby - Raising Tomorrow's USC Fan Today
Dark Knight of the Bat
1965 London Concerts
GenderVision: Trans Partner
John Marin, 1950
Instant Immersion Spanish
Surfing Favela
Artist Jasper Johns
College Campus Chaos: Volume 2
Masters of Darkness 100 Movie Pack
Monterey Jazz Festival 1975
Brussels, 1961/London, 1965
Everyday German
Instant Immersion German
Keepin' the Faith: Lookin' for Mr. Right
The Adventures of Reh Dogg Episode 1
The March on Washington, 1963
Big Band Feeling
Legacy of Chano Pozo
Chasing Dora
Hot House
Harry Belafonte and Civil Rights Workers [SILENT]
The Ultimate Busty Rhiannon
The Betty Dodson: The Orgasm Doctor
Elemental Gelade: Starter Set (includes React v.1)
My Baby A to Z - Come Explore Shapes With Me
4CHOSEN: The Documentary
reggaetonsexgirls vol.3
New Video Works
Darn That Dream
The Greatest Jazz Films Ever
Yoga by the Dozen - Kid's / Children Yoga
Harvest of Fear/Demonic
Secret Luftwaffe Aircraft of World W
The Big Picture - Assignment Taiwan
Sinews of Freedom, 1966
We Remember Bird: Berlin & London 1964
Jazz Casual [Region 2]
Modern Jazz at the Village Vanguard
Paris 1972/Copenhagen 1971
Reunion Blues
Steps Ahead in Europe
The Copenhagen Concert
1981 Daytona 500
The Conquest of Nanking [Italian]
Bloody Nightmares 100 Movie Pack
Orange Was Colour of Her Dress
Satsang with Nirmala: Experiencing Oneness
Secret Russian Aircraft of World War
President Reagan's Speech at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, 1987
Live at Montreux 1999
Strange Fruit
Live In Concert
Breach of Faith: A Family of Cops II
Rome Concert 1979
European Nights 1964-1971 [Region 2]
Sweden Concerts 1965-66
Team Baby: LA Dodgers Baby Raising Tomorrow's Dodgers Fan Today!
Bible Stories: The Ultimate Bible Collection
Copenhagen, NY, Berlin [Region 2]
Live in Rome 1959
Masters of Modern Jazz Piano [Region 2]
Live in Oslo 1966
Begin to Play: Acoustic Guitar
Lyve from Steel Town
Four Tenors
Tribute Concert:Biglietto Pe
Live in Iowa 1979 [Region 2]
Horseland: Ip Taking the Heat
Modern Jazz at the Village Vanguard
Welcome to tha Block, Live from Philly
So What
Duke Jordan at Montmartre
20 Uhr 10-Live
At the Brewhouse
A Boy and His Dog: 16x9 Widescreen TV.: Greeting Card: Happy Birthday
Quijote Tropical
The Legendary Nat King Cole
Ella Fitzgerald Meets Duke Ellington 1968 & Benny Goodman 1958
Charles Chaplin The Immigrant: 16x9 Widescreen TV.: Greeting Card: Happy Birthday
Night Of The Living Dead: 16x9 Widescreen TV.: Greeting Card: Merry Christmas
Tales of Blood
Crimson Classics: 1945 Alabama vs. Duke
Instant Immersion Interactive Ingles
New Testament Collection (3pc) (Dol)
Patlabor 1 & 2
Vol. 3-Hell Girl Cherry
Vol. 4-Suzuka
London Concerts 1965 & 1966
Vol. 5-Mushishi
Everyday French
Everyday Italian
Crimson Classics: 1985 Alabama vs. Georgia
Radix TV
Crimson Classics: 1995 Alabama vs. Ohio State
Crimson Classics: 1997 Alabama vs. Michigan
Instant Immersion Chinese
Culcha Candela Live
Single V[ed No Temari Uta 2]
Instant Immersion Italian
The Journal of Short Film, Volume 12 (Summer 2008)
Love Ship
Absolute True Happiness
Out of Darkness - 3 Case Files
Trisomy 16: the story of one miscarriage
Reh Dogg Music Videos Vol.1
The BushMan & Music videos
Digital Summer 2007
Baklava Blend
Tianna Taylor's Temptation
Erotic Superstars Of The 90's: Jordan Lee
Battlefield Baseball
FFS with Dr. Douglas Ousterhout
Survival Kit: 5 Disc Voice + Makeup Pack
The Big Picture - The United States Strike Command
The Big Picture - Wherever Brave Men Fight
Team Baby: Baby Tiger - Raising Tomorrow's Mizzou Fan Today
The Big Picture - Operation Montagnard
The Big Picture - Thailand
The Big Picture - The Third Army
The Big Picture - Medal of Honor
The Big Picture - Soldier's Heritage
The Big Picture - The West Berlin Struggle
The Big Picture - Wings at the Tree Tops
The Big Picture - To Answer the Call
The Big Picture - Exercise Delawar
The Big Picture - The Changed Face of Europe
The Big Picture - America on the Move
The Big Picture - World Trouble Spots
The Big Picture - Our Great American Heritage
The Big Picture - Prologue to Leadership
The Big Picture - A Soldier's Warranty
The Big Picture - Why Vietnam?
The Big Picture - The New First Team
The Big Picture - Your Army Reports, No. 2
The Big Picture - Your Army Reports, No. 3
The Big Picture - Missions Unlimited
The Big Picture - The Unique War
The Big Picture - The Army in Taiwan
The Big Picture - Not for Conquest
The Big Picture - Lifeline of Logistics
The Big Picture - Your Army Reports, No. 4
The Big Picture - U.S. Army in the Andes
The Big Picture - Something to Build On
The Big Picture - Your Army Reports, No. 5
The Big Picture - Claws for the Eagle
The Big Picture - Your Army Reports, No. 6
The Big Picture - A Nation Builds under Fire
The Big Picture - Your Army Reports, No. 7
The Big Picture - The Army's Floating Workshop
The Big Picture - Your Army Reports, No. 8
The Big Picture - The Senior Soldier
The Big Picture - Army Air Defense Command (ARADCOM): The Inner Ring
The Big Picture - Your Army Reports, No. 9
The Big Picture - Stay Alert, Stay Alive
The Big Picture - Shotgun Rider
The Big Picture - The Pershing: Seventh Army Blackjack
The Big Picture - Vietnam Crucible
The Big Picture - Your Army Reports, No. 15
The Big Picture - West Point: The Army Challenge
The Big Picture - Your Army Reports, No. 16
The Big Picture - The Largest Schoolhouse in the World
The Big Picture - Young American Leaders
The Big Picture - Vision to Victory
The Big Picture - There Is a Way
The Big Picture - All the World to All the Troops
The Big Picture - Materiel Readiness
Thriller (Institutional Use)
The Consent of the Governed
Korean Editor, 1958 [KOREAN]
Route 66 Tour
Santa Cruz Euro Skate Tour
DVS European Vacation
Flip Feast Tour
The Gypsy Tour
Sweet As...BMX Oz
Firsthand - Tamayo Perry
Firsthand - Nicolas Muller
American Misfits - New Boss
American Misfits - Magic Skate Serum
The Standard Snowboard Show - Tahoe Early Days
The Standard Snowboard Show - Mitch Reed
On Surfari - Baja
Stupidface - Broke We Is (TV MA)
Freedom of Space
Harvey Spannos
3-Professional Videography-Film School on DVD(PAL)
International Ice Patrol, 1949
Singapore Story
4-Handy Cam In Depth-Film School on DVD(PAL)
Judicial Power, 1960
Strength for the Free World
"Crisis Cuba" and "Cuba Red Danger" [SPANISH]
The Rural Co- Op, 1945-1955
Guardian at the Gate: Why We Are in Vietnam
Green Hill
Frozen in Amber, 1983
New Frontier, 1958 [JAPANESE]
One Hundred Years of Japan/United States Relations [SILENT & SOUND]
The Other Paris
5-Video Editing in Final Cut Pro-Film School on DVD(PAL)
Ghirardelli Chocolates, Fashion, Max Headroom, Washington, D.C., 1986
Kurdish Relief Efforts, 1991
Golden Age of the Automobile, 1973
Hostage, 1979
Interview With Isaac Asimov, 1975
Journey for Democracy and Peace, 1982
Oscar, 1976
President Reagan's Television Address on the Iran-Contra Affair, 1987
Plucky Teaches 4-6 y/o children Healthy Nutrition & Exercise
Vocalist & Songs-Tsuusan 1000kai Me
Desperados Del Ring: Volume 2
Desperados Del Ring: Volume 1
Desperados Del Ring: Volume 3
Izzy Slapawitz Shoot Interview ICW Pro Wrestling
Tracce Mediterranee (2006)
Satsang with Nirmala: Meeting Yourself with Love
2008 Ultimate Mormon Lake Team Roping
Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (Disc 2)
Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (Disc 3)
Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (Disc 4)
Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County  (Disc 2)
Tour of Arnis Vol. 1
Tour of Arnis Vol. 2
Introducing RtI: Presenting the Fundamentals of Response to Intervention
"This is It!" WWII Air Combat Training Films
Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (Disc 1)
Ebony Chunky Love: Bitch Can't Get a Date!
Firing Line Debate: Resolved: That the United States Should Refuse Recognition to the PLO 2 Disc Set
Sympathy Wreath Designs
Casket Sprays Design - No. 3
Standing Cross Set Designs
Sound of Speed
Sympathy Designs - No. 3
My Monster Mom - Philippines Filipino Tagalog DVD Movie
Wedding Pew Decorations
Wedding Bouquets No. 2
Welcome to The Valley 3
Monster [Blu-ray]
SS United States: Lady in Waiting
The Paris Opera Ballet: Six Ballets
Chelsea FC Season Review 2007/2008
EFT - Back to Balance Volume 2
Movies After Midnight 3: Kelly Jaye
Movies After Midnight 4: Kelly Jaye
FA Premier League 2008 Goals of the Season
Sailboat Maintenance, Winterizing & Spring Commissioning, Show Me How Videos
International Battle of the Year 2007
40 Anos En Mexico
Sobrevivir Entre Piranas
Once Upon a Stable
STAG: Topless Treasures Uncensored
No Te Comas el Marshmallow Todavia
El Tiempo y los 40 Ladrones
Marty Zion's Mystified II The Quest
We Remember Bird: Berlin & London 1964
In Europe (Pal)
So What
Welcome to The Valley
Hay Que Soltar el Elefante
The Home Buying Process, Show Me How Videos
Paris 1972 Copenhagen 1971
Exxxtasy Island II
Brazilian Island II
Marty Zion's Brazilian Island
Booty Island
Welcome to The Valley 2
Shades of Red
Exxxtasy Island III
The Chronicles of Nectar
Inside the Pink Door
Into Dreams
Mystified III The Sorceress
One-Sided & Centerpiece Arrangements
SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO (Harlem Variety Review)
TONIO KROEGER (1965-Germany)
Simba (Simba, The King Of Beasts)
LAFAYETTE (1963-France-Italy)
Keystone Comedies Volume VII: Gussle (1914-1915-USA)
Web of The Spider
Making Bows & Ribbons
Round Arrangements
Designing with Fresh Roses
Corsages - Part 1
European Hand-Tied Bouquet
Wedding Bouquets No. 4
Corsages - Part II
Casket Sprays
WebLearning® Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise 9 Human Capital Management (HCM) Payroll Management Fast Track
Wedding Bouquets No. 1
Wedding Bouquets No. 3
Celebration/Sympathy Tributes
Wedding Corsages
Wedding Head Pieces
Wedding Cake Top, Knife & Champagne Glass Decorations
Wedding Boutonnieres & Favor Corsages
Casket Sprays Designs - No. 2
Sympathy Designs - No. 1
Sympathy Designs - No. 2
What's New in ProTools 7.4
Standing Spray Designs - No. 1
Standing Spray Designs - No. 2
Standing Heart Set Designs
Casket Blanket, Inside Casket and Rosary Designs
Learn Animation Popping Dance Style Basic .Ultimate Edition
WebLearning® Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise 9 Human Capital Management (HCM) Time and Labour Fast Track
Learn Popping Dance Combo -Elite Expression 002
Learn Popping Dance Basic 101 - Part 2 - How to Wave - Ultimate Edition
WebLearning® Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise 9 Financial Management (FSCM) Accounts Receivables Fast Track [Interactive DVD]
Horseland: Fast Friends
Pocoyo: Super Pocoyo
Hopla: Can You Find It?
XPW: Cold Day in Hell
Team Baby: LA Dodgers Baby
Dino Squad #3
Decimo ? Aniversario De Misia : the Tour of Misia
Hannah's Bye Bye Diapers Potty Pack
Waltz for Debby
Lonesome Dove
Vol. 1-Defenetive Collection
Live at Stockholm Concert Hall
When in Rome 2007
Concert Tour Pacific 2007 2008-Tokyo
Nasa-the Challenge of Space Travel
Vocalist & Songs-Tsuusan 1000kai Me
The Gamers: Dorkness Rising
Jake's How-to
Motorcycle Diarrheas
Concert Tour Pacific 2007 2008-Tokyo
Live at the Oslo Spektrum
American Short Story Collection
Street Date: 8/19/08

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